First of all, you should read Mount & Blade: Warband manual (read PDF). Only the major differences are described here.

Gameplay Questions

How to get access to the Mercenary class?

Register with Mercenaries and you will be able to create one or more characters. Every character has personal gold, skills and inventory you can manage through the website. When you are done adjusting your stats and equipment, run Warband and join any Mercenaries server with the name of your character. IMG

How do I earn gold?

There is neither experience nor levels in Mercenaries and gold is the only resource here. Kill enemy mercenaries to get more coins. The more expensive equipment your enemy has, the more gold you get. You also get an amount of gold each round depending on whether your team won or lost.

How does the loot system work?

When you kill an enemy, there is a small chance of getting one of his items he had equipped. If you're lucky enough, both you and your enemy will be able to use this kind of weapon. Selling price of looted items is a lot cheaper. Please notice that you can only loot weapons, shields and ammo.

How to earn an achievement?

Join a game server and try to fulfill the conditions. If there are enough witnesses on the server, you will get your reward. Notice that some achievements require you to kill many enemies in a row. This means that you need to kill with less than ten seconds between two consecutive kills.

What is a soldier troop?

There are five different troops in Mercenaries: swordsman, man-at-arms, spearman, archer and mercenary. The first four are soldiers. You only need to be registered to be able to play as a mercenary. Only mercenaries have personal equipment and gold and you don't earn any gold while playing as a soldier.

What is the training server?

Training server is a special server available for new players and for those who have low K/D ratio. Here, everyone have the Ironflesh skill bonus and nobody is able to use heavy armor.

What is the deadly backstab?

Deadly backstab is a special ability of daggers. Base damage of this kind of weapon is rather low, but when you attack your enemy from behind, daggers become a deadly weapon. In most cases, your enemy will die with one powerful backstab.

How does pickpocketing work?

When you backstab an enemy with a dagger, you steal his current round earnings. If he didn't earn any gold this round, there's nothing to steal. The enemy may return his gold back by killing you with any weapon.

Crossbows make a wound. What does it mean?

Player hit by a bolt at close range keeps receiving damage for several seconds. During this time, he is unable to attack. Cooperate with your friend to get maximum from this feature.

How to deploy the Board Shield?

Press and hold the "C" key to deploy a board shield while having it in your hand. Switch to the first person view to make it easier to position the shield.

How to use a ballista?

You can prepare a ballista by pressing and holding the use button. Ballista bolts can be found in special crates or picked up from the ground. They are much larger than ordinary bolts and can penetrate shields. To get control over a constructed ballista press the use button. Press the attack button to shoot a bolt.

What is the battle horn?

The battle horn is a special item which can only be used by a captain - the most deadly player of the previous day. When the captain blows his horn, all teammates around him get an additional reward when one of them kills an enemy.

How do I join a clan?

Visit the clan page to create a new clan or to join an existing one. If you are a clan member, you can append the clan tag to your in-game profile name. IMG

What hotkeys are available?

Click to open a list of hotkeys.

Technical Questions

How do I change a name of my character?

You can change the name on the characters page. The cost of renaming depends on the number of kills but if your character is very famous, i.e. it has many thousands of kills, you won't be able to change the name.

Why do I get kicked when I join the server?

There are several cases. First, the character with the name you're trying to connect with belongs to another player. If it's your character and you just changed your serial key, you should unbind an old one. Go to the account settings and press "Unbind". Then join a game server as soon as you can to prevent capture of your character.

Second, you have no access to the server. For example, not all the players can play on the training server.

And third, you may not be able to join a server because you are banned. You get automatically banned by the server for twenty minutes if you make too many teamwounds in a short period of time.



Aleksey Tambovtsev is an author of the Mercenaries.

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